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​​​​To Whom it may concern,

My Mother in Law passed away at the age of 107, she was the oldest living person in Utah at the time. A person can accumulate a lot in a lifetime  but she accumulated enough for two lifetimes. It was overwhelming and we didn't know where to begin. We called Dave and Michelle because of a referral from a good friend and also another Estate Sale business  we had contacted. It took little time for me to be confident they could handle our estate and would do an amazing job.

Every aspect of the sale went well. My family had went through her belongings and it was fun the first few days Dave had the house keys he would find some family heirlooms or items he wanted to make sure we didn't want before he sold them.

I highly recommend Emerald Estate Sales when you have a need for this service,  just as my children will use them when they need it.

Sincerely Frank M. 




*Wha​​​t a great time, I loved the way you and Michelle treated us like we were old friends!  


*All Estate Sale companies are not created equally!  What a refreshing time I had at your sale.   


*This was my first Estate Sale, my daughter went and made me go help her haul  her patio furniture home.  I ended up buying some things for myself.  Thanks and see you at your next sale.  


*Hi Dave I'm the one that bought that Mid-Century bedroom set and your right, no buyers remorse here.  Let me know when you find some lamps that match.  


*What a great sale and so well organized for the size, it was like 3 estate sales in one. Mike and Dell were so funny and helpful.    

-Mark M.

*Fair prices, amazing service. Can't wait till the next one.  Please add me to your email list.   



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To whom it may concern.

I was faced with the daunting task of liquidating my cousin's estate in Ogden, Utah after her death in August 2019. Three generations had been living at this home since 1961 plus they had stored many family items from two generations before that in the unfinished basement. The basement had been flooded with water in the past, and for a period of the time it was the home of wild racoon's who had made their way down the chimney. My cousin had for years enjoyed going to yard and estate sales, and she collected many items this was as well --- she may gave been a borderline hoarder.

My sister likes estate sales and suggested a company who's sales she enjoyed going to. Emerald Estate Sales, run by Dave and Michelle Robinson. I studied their website and we decided to them a call. Dave met us at the house to take a look. It was a huge mess because of all the piled-up junk my cousin had cats and other animals living in the house for years prior to her death, and bound to a wheelchair, she couldn't clean. I was almost certain that he would decline the project but he agreed to do it.

During the sale a constant stream of people came including collectors, dealers, and pickers and bought items for prices I couldn't believe he was charging. To me, most of the stuff they were selling for good prices I would have thrown in the trash trailer. In fact, I had already started cleaning to basement to make it suitable for people to walk through. Dave came along and pulled several things off the trailer before I took it to the dump. And sure enough, most of those things did sell.

During the sale I was amazed at what people would buy for what seemed like high prices --- He even took a cardboard box that was shoved full of clothing, emptied it, and sold the box for $40 because it had the name of a former local brewer printed on it, My cousin had collected lot of Native American jewelry and art. There were two zip lock containing loose silver necklace parts Michelle restrung them and together they sold for over $1000 on Ebay.

They have been doing this long enough that they know how to price things, how to best display them, and they bring many buyers who follow their sales looking for treasures. They get the job done quickly and efficiently, and they're so good at selling their fee is well worth paying. During the sale, they got several of their family members involved, all of whom are friendly and personable, just like Dave and Michelle. Everyone had a good time and the sales were very successful, much better than I expected.

I''m truly grateful that we hired Emerald for our liquidation. After the public sales, arrangements were made to take all remaining items that didn't sell out of the house and dispose of it (some donated to charity and families in need, some taken to the dump) the house was completely empty, broom clean and ready to sell (a few people who came are now interested in buying the house).

I highly recommend their services to anyone else in the area looking to to liquidate an estate, and I'd be happy to discuss my experience with them in person or on the phone. I have gone back and re-read their “Story” on the website and its not hype, its who they are. What a great experience it was – lots of work, but my cousin I think is happy with the result.

Rocky Woodruff

To Whom it may concern

After my dad died I was in charge of figuring out what to do with all of my parents belongings. Not having done this before it was quite overwhelming. There were so many things that I had no idea what was worthless and what was valuable. 

I heard about Emerald and what they do so I called Dave. We met, he walked through the house then he went over what he could do for us. I thought wow if he could only do most of the things he said he could do I would be happy. We agreed on a sale date and he and his team went to work. Over the next couple of weeks working with Dave I found him to be honest, dependable, flexible and just an all around good guy.

The sale went great Dave did everything he said he would do and much more. I can see having the wrong company help out in this situation could turn out to be costly and very stressful. Dave and his associates took a huge crate of lemons and made some awesome lemonade. They were very respectful of my parent belongings. I would definitely  have Emerald  help me again without  hesitation. The icing on the cake the house sold during the estate sale.  

Randy P.    


We recently had a successful estate sale, in Salt Lake City, Utah, with the help of Dave and Michelle Robinson at Emerald Estate Sales.  We had an unusually tragic circumstances with deadlines looming large. Dave and Michelle (and their moms) worked hard, and in a different manner than they usually do, to accommodate our needs. It was a difficult situation all around and we were pleased with the outcome of the sale.

I particularly appreciated working with Dave. He is a friendly guy with a big smile. He stuck with a difficult job when he might have wanted to walk away and was willing to communicate and work through problems when things weren't going smoothly. In my opinion that's high praise, indeed.

Thank you Dave and Michelle.


Palm Springs, Ca