Selling Fine Antiques and Junk...   And Everything In-between.

Our Story

We started collecting early on. Michelle and I fell in love with all things Victorian and started buying whatever we could.  Eventually we designed and built our dream home in Layton, a Queen Ann Victorian. After working all day I would spend

all night building, sometimes as late as one or two in the morning. 

Michelle was pregnant at the time with our daughter Victoria (How

original) and I would come home late and tell her that I just finished

building a turret and she would respond, “That's nice Sweetie, I just

finished building a brain!” and go back to sleep. So that was the

family joke, Michelle could build a baby quicker than I could build a

house. Luckily, they both turned out great.

We furnished the house with period antiques. They didn’t have to be

expensive, just unique. It was a great hobby which included our

vacations spending more time at historic homes looking for design

ideas, and going to Antique stores and Estate Sales looking for that

certain item you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Later we bought a 110

year old farmhouse and sold our home going from four bath rooms

to one. Best thing we ever did! And yes, we had 4 children living

there at one point. (The 2 boys eventually found a favorite tree...

Just in case.)

Then a friend, Lance Lewis, and I started Picking. We would knock

on someone's door and within minutes of getting to know them we

were digging through their entire house, sifting through their

closets, climbing on their kitchen cabinets, and going through their

attics, garages and barns.  It is amazing the trust and friendship that could be developed in such a short amount of time. When we found something unique, we asked if they would consider selling it, if so, we would negotiate on a price. Many of the things we bought, the people had forgot they even had them or thought it was worthless. It was fun to see what people would pay for those items we found when we listed them on eBay.

We each had our strong points in knowing what to look for, and negotiating skills that complimented each other. I would tell people "I could either bring a computer with me or Lance, but he was better company." (Then again, A computer never ate the last doughnut!) It was a great time and I don’t know who had more fun, us, or the people we were buying from. That progressed into buying and selling complete estates with their furniture and household items.  Eventually his dream to have a large Antique Store was bigger than mine. I helped him as he opened it and have enjoyed watching it grow. He has an amazing store in Ogden, The Estate Sale, that I highly recommend.

As time went on people began asking me for advice and help with items they had to sell, or when they had a parent pass on, what they should do to liquidate their estate, and the best way to do it. After a few years of doing Estate Sales “Pro Bono,” Michelle and I decided that this is something we could do that not only helps people, but we really enjoyed doing.

On a purely selfish note, we love getting to know our clients and customers. I have to admit, we have met some pretty interesting, and/or amazing people doing this. So for us, doing an Estate Sale is not just a job, it's a field trip experience in Archeology, Psychology, and Barterology (The study of peoples buying habits and negotiating skills.)

We feel like matchmakers. Seriously, we find items that have been boxed away for years or buried in a garage or barn and someone buys it and proudly displays it in their home. The saying “Find a job you love and you will never work another day of your life,” really is true... But I have found that we sure put in a lot of hours for that love.

Each of these Items below have helped in preparing us to run fun and successful Estate Sales.

Our Experience

*Dave and Michelle have been Docent's (Tour Guides) at a History & Art Museum in Salt Lake City for 27 years.

*Dave's Major in College was Communications, with a Sales and Marketing Minor.

*Collectors for 35 years.

*Selling at Antique Stores and ebay 13 years. (Michelle is rated as a Top Seller with 100% positive feedback)

*Dave as a Picker 12 years

*Buying and Selling Estates 2 years.

*Conducting Estate Sales 12 years.

Our Company Story

For the most part we are a family business (with good friends that help, who could pass as family.) and while some of us like the discovery and staging process, others prefer the interaction and excitement of the Sale.

We are an experienced team and are committed to making your sale a wonderful experience for everyone involved. We are here to help you succeed especially when emotions may be high, and time is of the essence. We have been in business long enough, both on the buying and selling end, and have implemented what we feel adds to the overall success of your Estate Sale. While our Number One Priority is to get the most value for our clients, and our genuine concern that the buyers are enjoying themselves, make for a wonderful sale.

Our ability to get along with everyone involved in the sale, even when the family we are representing doesn't get along with each other, is priceless. We also provide family mediation if needed, because we feel that family is more important than possessions. We are honored to help make your old memories, new memories, for the next generation.